Shopping for a printer is often as tricky as purchasing a car. In between the huge characteristics and secret costs, it’s not hard to drive off with an ink-guzzling lemon, spending for the indiscretion of yours for decades to come with unwelcome refill fees and heartache.

Inkjet or even laser? All-In-One or regular? Auto-duplexing? These are only a few of the selections you will have to consider. To help you make a more informed choice, here are 5 of the greatest printers in Buyer Searching Report’ most recent reviews, all graded by the testers of ours on about 250 information points.

Each device prints top-quality text and links to equipment such as smartphones and notebook computers over Wi-Fi. To make certain the digital camera you buy is actually no distinct from the one we have analyzed, we buy each specimen that enters the labs of ours from a merchant – just like you.

Before busting away your credit card, you may also want to consult our printer buying guidebook and our article on the high-cost of wasted printer ink.

Inkjet Printer Reviews

For home users, Canon makes the best cheap inkjet printers. If you are a picture enthusiast or maybe photography pro, you will most likely want a Canon printer available, too. For life on the highway, HP makes the best portable inkjet.

Best inkjet printer

Canon Maxify iB4120

The top do-it-all inkjet printer, the Canon Maxify iB4120 delivers high-quality text as well as graphics, and photographs that rival (or even outdo) drugstore pages. It is able to print wirelessly from the cloud, smartphone, tablet, or a computer, and it keeps printer ink costs amazingly small. The total package impresses actually tough critics that will advise the Maxify iB4120 for to your apartment as well as small office use.

Specs that Matter
Dimensions (w,d,h) — 18.1″ x 18.3″ x 11.5″
Maximum resolution — 600 x 1200
dpi Speed — 24 ppm (B+W)/15.5 ppm (color)

Best movable inkjet printer

HP OfficeJet 200 Mobile

Should you have to print up to on the move, specialists suggest the HP OfficeJet 200 Mobile. It is very small (shirt-box-sized, when closed), little (under five pounds) as well as prints text as well as pictures up to 8.5 by eleven in greater than most full size an inkjet. It is ultra convenient also, with wireless printing, an incorporated the capability and rechargeable battery to print from a laptop, tablet, phone, camera or maybe USB thumb drive.

Specs that Matter
Dimensions (w,d,h) — 14.3″ x 10.2″ x 8.4″
Maximum resolution — 4800 x 1200
dpi Speed — 10 ppm (B+W)/7 ppm (color)

Best picture printer

Canon Pixma Pro-100

The Canon Pixma Pro 100 prints fully pro-quality images but costs countless dollars less than a genuine master grade photo inkjet printer. The Pro-100 creates up to 13 by 19 in, with 8 distinct inks (including three shades of black and gray) for remarkable black-and-white and color photos. It’s fewer ink hues as well as smaller cartridges compared to a high-volume pro canon imageclass mf3240 laser multifunction printer, but it neatly fills the bill for photo enthusiasts.

Specs that Matter
Dimensions (w,d,h) — 27.2″ x 15.2″ x 8.5″
Maximum resolution — 4800 x 2400
dpi Speed — 51 seconds (8×10 bordered image)

Professional picture printer

Canon ImageProGraf Pro-1000

For hectic pro photographers that demand genuinely exhibition quality outcomes, specialists suggest the Canon ImageProGraf Pro 1000. This particular inkjet printer produces up to seventeen by twenty two in, with twelve high capacity ink tanks, quick instant blackish printer ink switching (for matte and glossy papers) along with a chroma optimizer which smoothes out flaws often present in shiny prints. It is refreshingly simple to operate — and Canon is actually acknowledged for the reliability of its, also.

Specs that Matter
Dimensions (w,d,h) — 28.5″ x 17.1″ x 11.2″
Maximum resolution — 2400 x 1200
dpi Speed — 2 minutes 30 seconds (13×19 bordered color photo)

What sort of printer do you need?

All-in-one printers which can scan, copy and fax are extremely popular, but there are still great reasons to purchase a stand-alone inkjet printer instead. All-in-ones are actually expensive in case you do not need the additional functionality, and they are able to take up significantly more room on your desk than a dedicated inkjet printer alone. Although all-in-ones are able to print graphics and text flawlessly, most cannot print photos as beautiful as a stand-alone inkjet printer. Nevertheless, if an all-in-one solution is actually right for the situation of yours, covers all-in-one printers in a separate report.

Laser printers are actually another option not covered in this specific report. Even though they cost much more than inkjet printers initially, laser printers cost much less to run, and they are likely to be reliable, without the frustrating ink clogs that can plague inkjet printers. Laser printers cannot print photos like an inkjet, but they are great for office type use (printing text, charts, etc.). See the reports of ours on colour laser printers and black-and-white laser printers for the top choices.

Types of Inkjet Printers

General-Purpose Inkjet Printers

General-purpose these printers are good for small offices or home use. Even basic inkjet printers now print text nearly as clearly and quickly as a laser printer. Picture quality is typically great, but not great on cheap models (hundred dollars or perhaps so), but they will suffice for others and families who simply want to have the ability to print out homework assignments, a snapshot and private documents then and now. Mid-priced inkjet printers ($150 to $350) are faster, more feature rich, and print very nice photos and graphics. These’re the workhorse printers you will need for a print-heavy home office or perhaps frequent home photo printing.

Mobile Printers

This particular type of printer allows you to take your printing on the go. They’re small, little machines, but can print nearly as well as a full-size basic inkjet printer. Even though they used to cost more when compared to a simple desktop inkjet printer, the cost has come down (approximately $150 to $200, without the optional rechargeable battery) — but mobile printers’ ink tanks are actually small, so you will pay more to operate one in the long haul.

Photo Printers

Though photo printers are actually overkilled for general home and office use, they are important in case you would like to create truly beautiful photo prints on your own. For approximately $400, you are able to get a semi-pro model which can easily outclass any run-of-the-mill photo lab. Top-notch pro photo printers cost much more ($1,100 and up), but they are the ideal choice for professionals and many serious photo enthusiasts.

Finding the Best Inkjet Printers

To find the best inkjet printers, we studied professional tests from both home- and office-centric sources (, and and those that cater to photo enthusiasts (such as Shutterbug, Northlight Images and, among others) to find out how quickly, easily and beautifully each printer produces text, graphics and photos in the eyes of experts. We also scoured owner reviews from, and, to see how printers perform in real life.
For terrific text, photos and graphics, Canon Maxify iB4120 does it all
For an active small- or home-based business, print quality is important — as are speed, easy paper handling and low ink costs. Problem is, it’s been hard to find a stand-alone inkjet printer that can do it all — until now, experts say.

The Canon Maxify iB4120 (Est. $140) fills that void, and it has quickly snapped up the Editors’ Choice award at PCMag and “We can’t think of many reasons not to buy the Maxify iB4120,”’s William Harrel writes.

Despite its low price, the Maxify iB4120 produces surprisingly professional-looking text, graphics and even photos. Colour photos “were at least the quality you’d expect from drugstore prints, and several of them were better,” says Tony Hoffman at Black-and-white photos printed with no hint of tint. “Graphics should be fine for printing PowerPoint slides, even for handouts going to people you are trying to impress with your professionalism.” Harrel agrees: “As long as we started with quality images, the results were very sharp. We’ve no real complaints about this Maxify model’s output.”

It’s speedy, too, outputting 7 to 21 text-only pages per minute in various tests. And you won’t often need to fool around with switching or refilling paper trays: The Maxify iB4120 boasts two spacious 250-sheet drawers for up to legal-size paper, a very unusual perk at this price.

Another surprise bonus: low ink costs. Budget-priced inkjet printers usually jack up the price on their ink cartridges — but not the Canon Maxify iB4120, experts say. You’ll spend 1.7 cents to print a page of text, or 12 cents for a page of colour graphics.

So, how does the Maxify iB4120 cut costs? It slashes a few frills, “but nothing you probably can’t do without,” Harrel says. Instead of a big, colour touch screen, you get a two-line monochrome LCD panel. You can connect to the printer via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or USB, and print from mobile devices and the cloud — but you’ll have to pair the printer with your device using the menu, as there’s no Wi-Fi Direct or Near-Field Communication (NFC) capability to let you pair with just one tap.

If we have any reservations it’s that relatively few owners have reviewed this new printer as of yet. At, most of the 30 or so reviews are “Vine” reviews (from people who were given the printer for free to review), which tend to be overly glowing — although in this case, the Vine reviews do include criticisms of the product. The Maxify iB4120 earns 3.7 stars overall; the most common criticism is that initial setup is tedious.

Although this new printer isn’t yet tried-and-true, Canon as a printer maker has a strong reputation and the Canon brand ranks highest for reliability among all print-only inkjet manufacturers in two separate, independent consumer surveys. The Maxify iB4120 carries a one-year warranty.

Although it can print up to 30,000 pages in a month, Canon’s recommended print volume is up to 2,000 pages per month.

If photo prowess is especially important to you, consider the more expensive Epson Artisan 1430 (Est. $340). A cross between a high-class photo printer and workhorse office printer, the Artisan 1430 nearly does it all, reviews say. Photos (up to 13 by 44 inches), graphics and text all look impressively crisp.

It’s not a fast, high-volume pro printer; instead, this inkjet printer is ideal for families, schoolwork and small offices. At this price, “it’s hard to find fault with the printer,” says Joe Farace at Shutterbug. Owners are highly satisfied with the Artisan 1430 too; it gets high ratings from photo enthusiasts at, as well as customers at and We did find some complaints from customers that say that they received buggy units, but most report no problems.

Photo-wise, “Colors are rich and vibrant, and skin tones are reproduced beautifully,” especially on Epson’s own Premium Glossy photo paper, Farace says. “Detail is exceptional, particularly for a printer in this price range.” Landscapes, flowers and portraits look great, but black-and-white photos suffer from a distinct colour cast. There’s only one monochrome ink in the Artisan 1430’s six-tank dye array. On the plus side, the prints really are smudge- and water-resistant (Farace rubs and douses them to find out). To print better photos, you’ll need to step up to a dedicated photo printer (discussed in our section on best photo printers).

The Epson Artisan 1430 offers “features that could appeal to many photographers, especially for those who enjoy printing but do not print day in, day out,” Farace says. It can handle most types of photo paper, but not heavy fine art papers. It does print on CDs and DVDs like dedicated photo printers can. Tiny ink cartridges (11 millilitres, testers say) mean the Artisan 1430 isn’t for high-volume users, though.

Text and graphics look very nice, too, but unlike the Canon, this isn’t a particularly fast printer. Epson estimates print speeds of just under three pages per minute for black-and-white or colour documents and nearly two minutes for an 8-by-10-inch borderless photo.

Like the Canon Maxify iB4120, the Epson will print wirelessly from your computer, smartphone or tablet. You can connect via USB or Wi-Fi, but — unlike the Canon — the Epson has no Ethernet jack. It does have a PictBridge port that allows you to print directly from your camera, though. Like the Canon, the Epson carries a one-year warranty. Epson doesn’t publish a monthly maximum duty cycle for the Artisan 1430.

Mobile printers for colour printing on the go

Mobile printers are ultra-convenient if you need to print on the go (while travelling, for example). HP’s newest mobile printer, the HP OfficeJet 200 Mobile (Est. $230), easily outclasses its rivals in reviews.

“Today’s overall best mobile inkjet,” says William Harrel at “The best mobile single-function inkjet we’ve come across,” says’s Tony Hoffman. It captures the Editors’ Choice prize at both sites, and it’s the top-rated inkjet printer at another major testing organization, too. It has quickly become customers’ favourite mobile printer at, earning 4.3 stars in about 90 reviews.

Weighing in at under 5 pounds (“about the heft of a big-screen laptop,” Harrel says), the OfficeJet 200 Mobile folds up smaller than a shirt box when it’s not printing. It’s small but mighty, experts say: “Although the OfficeJet 200 is a mobile printer, its output quality is better than that of most desktop inkjets we’ve tested,” Hoffman writes. That means sharp text, vivid graphics and even drugstore-quality (or better) photos. Harrel agrees: “A real-estate agent, for instance, shouldn’t have any trouble using this little machine’s output for printing on-the-spot brochures.”

The OfficeJet 200 Mobile’s lid folds open to become a 50-sheet feed for up to letter-size paper. You can plug the printer into the wall, or run it off of its included rechargeable, swappable battery (an extra battery costs about $60).

It’s easy to set up and easy to print, testers say. You can connect via USB or Wi-Fi, or use Wireless Direct (HP’s name for Wi-Fi Direct) to print directly from a computer or mobile device. The HP can print from your computer, iOS or Android phone or tablet, as well as from USB thumb drives and PictBridge devices. HP’s Auto Wireless Connect “remembers” your computer or mobile device, so it will reconnect automatically the next time.
Speed is snappy, for a mobile printer (about 10 text pages per minute, in tests). The HP bogs down while printing photos at, taking more than 2 minutes to print a 4-by-6 — but it takes only 42 seconds in’s test.

Mobile printers drink pricey ink, and the HP is no exception: It costs 6.6 cents per text page and 24.4 cents per colour page in a leading test. On the bright side, HP offers bigger cartridges than other brands’ mobile printers, so you won’t have to change them as often.

The OfficeJet 200 Mobile can print up to 500 pages per month. It carries a one-year warranty.

Last year’s top mobile printer, the Canon Pixma iP110 (Est. $155), costs less than the HP — but, importantly, it doesn’t include a battery. You have to buy the Canon LK-62 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery (Est. $85) separately.

Although both brands print nice-looking photos, the HP prints better-looking graphics than the Canon in two leading tests. It also prints a bit faster than the Canon in tests. And although ink costs are comparable, the HP’s bigger tanks mean less tank-swapping.

Otherwise, these two mobile printers are very similar — size, weight, paper capacity and connectivity. Like the HP, the Canon carries a 1-year warranty. However, Canon doesn’t publish a monthly duty cycle for the Pixma iP110.

What the most effective inkjet printer available does

Prints pro quality photographs. This’s where inkjet printers much outshine laser printers. Actually, our most affordable Best Reviewed inkjet printer churns away pictures which seem just like (and usually better compared to) drugstore prints.

Prints text, photos & graphics on several paper sizes, which includes envelopes. Older inkjet printers (and several of present-day cheap models) could plague you with newspaper jams as well as misfeeds, but our Best Reviewed designs run owners, experts, and smoothly claim.

Prints wirelessly. You are able to mail print tasks to the printer of yours wirelessly over the Wi-Fi network of yours, and sometimes via Wi-Fi Direct (no Wi-Fi network necessary). Most of our Best Reviewed inkjet printers enable you to print from your pc or maybe iOS or maybe Android tablet or phone.

Know before you go

Would you have to print photos? This’s truly the very best reason to purchase an inkjet printer. In case you simply have to print office type papers — text, graphics, etc. — you might be more well off with a faster, cheaper-to-run laser printer (which are discussed in the own report) of theirs.

Do you want a general purpose inkjet or a picture inkjet printer? General-purpose inkjet printers cost much less, though they will be able to crank out photographs worthy of a drugstore laboratory. Dedicated photo printers have much more exact colour output, particularly for skin tones.

Does printing speed matter? For normal family and home use, speed might not matter almost as it can for business use. But in case you print a lot of photos, speed is usually a crucial consideration. Nevertheless, you cannot check printer speeds in a store; the paper velocity of demos is not related to what you will go through if the printer is attached to the pc of yours. Although manufacturers occasionally exaggerate speed in the specifications of theirs, they are a great starting point. Pro ratings frequently test printers’ speed.

Will the printer healthy the space of yours? You might need a specific shape and size to fit a certain desk space. Printers with modest footprints make the most sense for college dorms or even rare transportable use. Models which do not top load are the easiest to slip into table cubbyholes.

What sort of paper stock are you going to work with? Make certain that the printer you are considering takes the types as well as sizes of paper you make use of. Most of our Best Reviewed inkjet printers are able to print documents and pictures as much as eight 1/2 by eleven in, and also envelopes. Some can print on almost any paper size or maybe type you are able to throw at them. Some have two trays, which means you are able to have one paper tray loaded with photo paper and also the other person with regular newspaper inventory. When you intend to print labels, card stock, envelopes, CDs or any other difficult media, search for a straight-through paper path.

Just how long would you intend to keep the prints of yours? The best quality inks from Canon, HP and Epson are rated to last hundred years or even more. When long-lasting prints matter for you, you need to verify the product you are considering uses (or could use) long-lasting archival inks and examine just how long they are rated to last.

Could you connect the printer to the computer of yours, network, or maybe mobile device? Nowadays, nearly all printers are able to hook up to an assortment of units by USB, Wi-Fi, etc. Nevertheless, in case your Mac or PC is more mature, check out the manufacturer’s system needs, focusing on each hardware and operating system compatibility.

No matter the kind of printer, watch out because of the price of ink. Large printer ink cartridges cost less per ounce. In order to cut costs over the very long haul, purchase a printer which accepts large capacity cartridges.

Conversing of ink cartridges, prior to throwing the old ones of yours in the garbage, determine when they could be reused. Many companies will purchase used cartridges, and occasionally schools or maybe charities are going to collect them to raise cash. Majority of office supply retailers accept pre-owned cartridges for recycling very, and also they might provide shop reward points in return.

Benefit expectations: The dollars as well as cents of it

“I need to kill my printer,” The Wall Street Journal’s Joanna Stern starts the post of her, titled “In Search of a Printer You Will not Need Destroy.”

Why? Ink-guzzling, along with other things. “It chugs my fifty dollars printer ink just like it is an open bar.” 3 weeks later, Wilson Rothman, her colleague, almost throws the printer of his through the window when it determines — “during a ticking clock real estate transaction” — to won’t print the 7 black-and-white text pages he requires since it ran from the ink. “Magenta ink!” Rothman seethes.

Ounce for ounce, printer ink costs much more than Champagne, Chanel No. five — you name the special compound, and printer ink’s got it beat, notes A lot more maddening? Printers notoriously insist they are “out of refuse as well as ink” to run even if there is printer ink left in the cartridge.

What is the greatest defence (besides chucking the inkjet of yours for just a laser printer)? Purchasing a much better class of inkjet. “If you find out something because of this post, allow it to be this: The more affordable the printer, the more you will pay for ink sales above time,” Stern writes. “This is exactly how businesses make the money of theirs back on the seventy dollars or perhaps eighty dollars printers you buy.” Cost-per-page is the secret. “Higher end printers often make use of the ink that prints more pages, cheaper printers use ones that print less.”

Reviewers also praise printers involving individual cartridges for every colour since you do not discard unused ink sales as you’d with an individual multicolour cartridge. Nevertheless, you do dispose of further plastic. (Manufacturers have launched several cartridge free inkjet printers with refillable ink tanks, though none are standouts in reviews.) Manufacturers would like you to purchase the proprietary ink cartridges of theirs, but in case you do not require the very best quality of printed documents, off-brand cartridges or maybe cartridge refills cost less.

Canon Pixma Pro-100 prints amazing pictures at home

If you would like truly top quality picture pages in a sensible price tag, specialists hail the Canon Pixma Pro 100 (Est. $380) as the very best deal all around. It is thousands under a “pro” picture printer, but perhaps picky pros acknowledge the Pro-100’s style photographs are completely pro quality. “Produces photographs acceptable of hanging in a gallery,” states Tony Hoffman at

The Canon Pro-100 prints pictures up to thirteen by nineteen inches. It is packaged with 8 ink cartridges, including 3 monochrome cartridges (black, grey, and also light gray) for remarkable black-and-white and color pages. The 13 milliliter cartridges are far smaller sized than 36 to 80 milliliter tanks you will discover on pricier, professional grade picture printers, although, therefore you will invest even more on ink sales over time.

Exactly how different does the Canon Pro 100 cut costs? It utilizes dye based inks. Pros generally choose longer lasting pigment cartridges, which produce more realistic skin tones and therefore are crucial for matte papers. But the Pro-100’s dye cartridges are quite durable themselves (with modern improved dye inks, “nobody should actually care about fading a properly stored print,” Imaging says). And also for vibrant topics as sunsets as well as flowers, the vivid shades of a dye print can occasionally outclass a pricier pigment print.

Pro pigment printers do a much better job with subtler work (matte prints, black-and-whites). But for nearly all individuals who simply wish great looking photographs in a sensible price tag, the Pro 100 is much more than great enough. “If you are searching for a printer to your family pictures subsequently the PRO 100 is quick and also effective,” says Keith Cooper at Northlight Images. Mike Pasini,’s choosy pro tester, also places the Pro 100 through the paces of its and also will come away completely impressed. “Outright extended applause for the Pro 100,” he writes.

The Canon Pro 100 has existed for a number of years (although it nevertheless has the current comfort features, like wireless printing by Wi Fi and Apple AirPrint, in addition USB, Ethernet and PictBridge ports). Over the years, thousands of clients have had lots of opportunity to reside with, work with, along with thoroughly get to find out the Canon Pro 100.

The verdict? They find it irresistible. The Canon Pixma Pro 100 gets great feedback at websites as and also Feedback in the photo centric is additionally remarkable, along with about ninety five % of the over 1,400 picky buyers that rate it there award the printer possibly four or even (mostly) five stars.

Canon ImageProGraf Pro 1000: True pro quality on the desktop of yours

With regards to pro-quality picture printing, Epson and Canon are locked in a small battle. But Canon’s pro printer, the Canon ImageProGraf Pro-1000
(Est. $1,300), proves unbeatable. Printers from both brands create beautiful prints. Canon just helps it be much easier, industry experts say — and owners article much less frustrations (like clogged breakdowns, streaks, splotches, and nozzles) with Canon printers.

“The primary desktop sized expert picture printer,” Jeremy Gray calls it at Imaging, wherever it wins Printer of the Year. “I’ve seen the images of mine is printed on a selection of printers through the years, as well as the PRO 1000 renders my pictures much better any of them.”

Shutterbug’s George Schaub agrees, after exhaustively adding the Pro 1000 via its paces. “Quite basically, this’s the very best print I’ve previously created from this particular image,” he states, after the Canon masterfully renders a hard shot of a pastel-and-gray structure from a brilliant blue skies.

The Canon Pro 1000 offers seasoned photographers whatever they would like, industry experts say: Glorious pigment ink prints, simplicity of use, seamless compatibility with a lot of various papers (in an uncommon step, Canon actually offers careful profiles to enable you to obtain the very best outcomes along with other papers brands) and also — important — no laggy switching between various kinds of black ink, contrary to the situation with Epson printers.

Shiny prints look their utmost on the Canon Pro 1000, because of its chroma optimizer which evens out the glossiness. Testers do not experience flat “bronzing” or maybe patches of dark places, as frequently happens with shiny prints. Canon’s rivals do not use a chroma optimizer. The result? “A printer which I think can actually do justice to my personal master photography,” says Keith Cooper at Northlight Images.

The Canon Pro 1000 has twelve printer ink container cartridges, like the optimizer — whopping 80 milliliter types, which means you will not be modifying them always (and the printer ships with a full size set of cartridges instead of smaller sized starter people). Styles appear natural and vivid, along with 4 monochrome cartridges (photo black colored, matte black and 2 grays) deliver truly basic black-and-white prints. Often seasoned experts cannot detect any color cast together with the naked eye.

“My black & white pictures haven’t looked as rich and dynamic in depth and detail as they actually do coming out of the PRO 1000,” Gray says.

In contrast to the former Best Reviewed pick — the Canon Pixma Pro 1 — the brand new Pro 1000 features larger printer ink cartridges (eighty milliliters vs. thirty six), bigger optimum print size (seventeen by twenty two in, up from thirteen by nineteen inches) along with borderless printing on any papers in any sizing up with the printer’s maximum (the old Pro 1 forced borders on several papers, that had been a huge annoyance for a few reviewers).

The sole issue, reviews say? The Canon Pro 1000 still cannot accept roll paper. If that is a problem, the Epson SureColor P800
(Est. $1,100) is roll paper suitable.

Nevertheless, apart from the roll printing, most professionals like the Canon. The Epson has less inks (nine — which ships with 64 milliliter “starter” the ink, not complete 80 milliliter people such as the Canon), no gloss optimizer, then Epson even now has not resolved its black colored ink problem: Unlike Canon, Epson’s pro printers cannot transition seamlessly from matte black to picture black colored, therefore each time you transition between glossy paper and matte, the Epson must work through an ink swapping cycle which wastes time as well as expensive ink.

Both the Canon and Epson deliver gorgeous prints in assessments. But until you truly have to create roll papers (for instance, to create panoramic prints more than twenty two inches), reviewers like the Canon Pro 1000.